3T VOLA Pro Wrist Relief Bend Alloy



Σε απόθεμα


Everybody loves to talk about the aerodynamics of aerobars and – guilty as charged – we also like all the work that went into finding the most aero shapes. But all of that is meaningless if the bars don’t put you in an aero and comfortable position (and in the end, comfort = aero as it allows you to stay in your aero position longer). To that effect, the Vola combines with a standard stem for the widest range of set-ups, has lots of stack, width and reach adjustment and the most comfortable elbow pads we have ever designed.

Wing material Alloy
Extension material Alloy
Cradle material Composite
Pad material Neoprene
W1 base bar width (c-c) 420mm
W2 Outside pad width 220-340mm
W3 Center pad width 115-235mm
S1 Pad stack 57-87mm
R1 Pad reach 20-70mm
Clamp diameter 31.8mm
Extensions S-bend or Wrist clearance
Cradle New comfort
Weight (+/-4%) 830g (minimum stack)
Finish Black with white details





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