Socks with Skinlife Yarn – The best foot ally.

Σε απόθεμα


The silver ions treatment contrasts the bacteria onset by keeping your feet dry and healthy. The yarn softness contributes to make even more beneficial and pleasant the sports activity. Skinlife socks have an excellent thermoregulation and abrasion resistance.


Bacteriostatic – it maintains the natural skin balance at any activity level. It is not a bactericide, therefore does not decrease the bacteria level below the threshold normally present on the skin, it simply limits the proliferation in excess.

Antistatic – Having silver fiber, allows to dissipate right away the annoying electrostatic charges thanks to one of the best silver properties been precisely a great electrical conductor.

Permanent – Thanks to the bacteriostatic agent presence in the polymers matrix, Skinlife remains a permanent item characteristic

Anti – odour bacteria are only one of the emanating odors body formation. As well the ammonia and the denatured proteins contribute to the same formation and here is when the silver forms chemical bonds, reducing the odor

Composition: 60% PA skinlife – 15% poliamide – 25% elastane

AVAILABLE COLORS: Red; Turquoise; Black; Orange fluo; Yellow Fluo ; Green fluo.

Sizes Available: 38-42 / 43-47



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