Polypropylene sleveless differentiated zones texture mesh.

Selected and tested by those who want the maximum.

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The high comfort of this fiber combined  with the specific production, makes this item ideal for women who love sports and in everyday life the sensation of well-being and comfort. Polypropylene has a unique insulation capacity even greater than wool. As a matter of fact it manages to keeps the body temperature protecting the user from heat and cold. This specific yarn ensures a high level of hygiene, since due to the high surface tension of the microfiber, does not retain nor bacteria or molds. This is the reason for not generating unpleasant odors, even after an intense physical activity.


-Maximum breathability

-Body thermoregulation

-Ergonomic cut

-Fit and optimum comfort

Polypropylene mesh and smooth texture.
Composition: 90% Polypropylene 10% Elastane

Available in ONE SIZE



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