VIP1COLOR polypropylene mesh and smooth texture.

Selected and tested by those who want the best.

Σε απόθεμα


Thanks to the polypropylene use and to the fabric mesh working process, this ultra-lightweight garment allows the body to stay dry. The item particular composition takes the sweat, without absorbing  the smell, transferring it along the surface of the fiber to the outside in order to release and let it evaporate.
Mechanism which results in a perfect transpiration.

The capability to deliver the sweat outside combined with the special fabric production creates an insulating and protective barrier that keeps the skin warm during the winter months and cool in the summer months.

Mountain trekking,  juggling on the beach, cycling in the countryside, walking in the city at sunset, volleyball  games with friends, tourist resorts, yoga: wearing a colored mesh Outwet means to provide a youthful, trendy,  summer, ideal for any sport type, environment  and occasion  item of clothing.


-Fit and optimum comfort

-Body thermoregulation

-Ergonomic cut

Sleeveless differentiated zones texture mesh.

Composition: 80% PP – 15% PA – 5% EL

Available in ONE SIZE



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